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The ridiculously silly game for awesomely fun people!

Quirk The Game
  • ​13 Characters (39 total), 7 Tactic Cards, 3 Defence Cards and 7 Skip Cards.
  • 56 cards of hilarious fun!
  • Easy to pick up and play.
  • Family friendly.
  • 2 to 6 players.
  • 15 – 30 minutes game play.

Embrace Your Quirks

Show your friends you are quirkier than most in this fast paced, easy to play party game, Quirk!

Win character cards from your opponents with bizarre sounds and actions to complete a set of three, tactically steal quirks to change the odds of winning or merely distract others to give yourself even more chances to win!

Ridiculously hilarious ice breaker, seriously competitive and light hearted fun. Great for all ages, tested by 7 to 70 year olds! BBQ’s, Family gatherings and travelling has never been so funny!

Tactic Defence Skip Small
Set of 3 Dragons Small


“Omg, I’m a Quirk! addict! At least twice a day we are playing! I suck and never win but we are a Quirk! Family!!” – Jenni Hudson

“Surprisingly effective method of converting strangers into friends – I absolutely loved it and laughed constantly.” – Dave Pearce

“Quirk! is awesome. Easy to learn. Highly addictive. This is an excellent way to amuse family and friends of all ages. Once you play it, you won’t put it down!” – Susan Turner

“Just played through twice!!! Really fun game, my daughter loved it! (Even talking about playing against her friends at a school club!!)” – Christopher Sparks

Quirk!: Play Tester Interviews

Find out what play testers think of the game!

More reasons to get Quirk!

  • A card game to take anywhere! On a picnic, on a plane, on a boat, in the back of the car, to dinner, to the bar, camping, glamping, to a workshop event, to group therapy. You’ll certainly lighten up any room and have strangers asking to join!
  • Spend more quality time with the family! A game of cheeky behaviour where kids rule!
  • Belly crunching laughter! Laugh at the hilarious impression of the cards as you work out what your opponent is attempting to ask you for!
  • Give your memory a work out as you laser in on where the pig card has been hiding between your friends and family members, since you’ve been oinking all game!
  • Express your inner child (if you’re not already a child).
  • Build your social confidence… Honestly, check out our testimonials on this one!
  • Make new friends, especially on holiday when you’re asked over and over again where you got this game from!
  • Competitive? Use your tactic and skip cards strategically and you could embrace everyone else’s Quirks too!
  • Create lasting memories with your entire family, whether it’s a BBQ, birthday or the festive occasion!
  • It was funded 200% on Kickstarter!
  • You just like being a bit bonkers!