Quirk! Adventures from the Netherlands

Quirk! is played and enjoyed around the world and these stories are no exception, sent in by Viola, from the Netherlands, her whole family enjoys the games and has been playing Quirk! since 2017 when it first launched.

Here are a few funny and charming short stories:

End of Year School Report

The picture says it all. Every end of the school year the children are asked to make a drawing; to show others who you are, what you love and what was important to you. When I saw my son’s drawing it made me smile, all year long he loved playing Quirk!

A Birthday Pie Surprise!

A birthday is always a reason to celebrate and eat pie and we see a baking-pie-service (cake making services) who is able to add images. There was no doubt, Tink (turning 8) wished for a Quirk! pie (cake). At first, I thought it could not be done (who wants a card game as a pie (cake)?) but together we made it happen. Yes we had some explaining to do to our guests but we got the best pie ever; a Quirk! Hallows original pie (cake) <3

You’ll Never Guess It!

“Mom, you may guess what is my favorite animal from Quirk! Starts with a Y”. Uhm. I’m confused. We own all games, Original, Legends and Hallows but I don’t know an animal with a Y. My son shrugged his shoulders, also looking confused. Tink: “My favorite! You know. Quirk!”. When we gave up she started laughing, happy that she had ‘won’. “A YUNICORN!!!”

Whoops! Do you mean you want to Skip a turn?

We were playing Quirk! with my 78 year old mom and the kids and she was getting the rules and playing along. She was posing as a knight, oinked like a pig and we had so much fun. Until she started to sleep. The game fell flat but she kept sleeping, even snoring a bit. We were unsure what to do, this was… awkward. Until my son started to laugh “she means she has a blue skip card!”.
It took a bit of time till we could continue because we were laughing at her skip card- impression. We still play out the skip cards from now!
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