Quirk! Legends


Available for worldwide pre-order for late pledges (Kickstarter prices apply until May 15th 2018)

A super fun, happy, amusing, mischievous card game for people who love being unicorns, dragons, superheroes and evil villains…



Our new game Quirk! Legends is full of legendary character to become. This is a ridiculously silly game of Good versus Evil.

Your aim is to win as many Quirks as possible (sets of 3 characters) by acting out the characters you wish to win! Use red Tactic cards to steal your opponents cards too, in a bid to prove you are the quirkiest! Defend your Quirks with orange cards or use blue cards to skip your opponents turn and stop them asking for characters! Mwahahahaa!

This game is full of demonish angelic behaviour and mischievousness. Claim your good or evil side or just become completely magical!

A game that will have you laughing for days afterwards. Child-friendly, great for family occasions and even for when the kids have gone to bed!

What’s in the Box?

56 cards of hilarious goodness!

  • 13 Quirks! (39 x Character cards)
  • 7 Tactic Cards
  • 7 Skip Cards
  • 3 Defence cards
  • Instructions, including quick play and in depth FAQ’s

Additional information

Weight 0.141 kg
Dimensions 6.5 x 2.6 x 9 cm


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